shame-based Christianity 
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The Naked Pastor's "The Narrow Way"

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If you've spent time in a conservative, patriarchal, fundamentalist Christian setting, you know how confusing the experience can be. Admonished to be ultra-careful about outside messages, we were taught that the most important focus in life is to fear God and escape hell. We were told the way to escape is uncommonly narrow and difficult, that we don’t want to get trapped taking the broad road everyone else is traveling.

Go through the narrow exit into the open air to recovery from the confusion and agony that accompanies legalism and shame-based Christianity.

Eventually, these messages became frustrating. This narrow way to safety took turns we did not expect. Even though we were taught to avoid information from other sources, we couldn’t help reading and hearing messages which made sense to us. So truth became scrambled in our minds.

Narrow Exit is not a dismissal of everything we've been taught or experienced. Nor is it a disregard for family, friends, and pastors who pointed us in directions they believed would take us to safety.

It’s a place to examine those messages, to discard what is harmful, and to gain emotional balance. Welcome!


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